ACSL develops agriculture multi-rotor as the 1st in-house solutions based on ACSL-PF1 to revolutionize domestic agriculture

ACSL has developed agriculture drone “MINORI 1” that covers 0.5ha for fertilizer and pesticides spraying.
Equipped with the latest autopilot flight controller, MINORI 1 have achieved a competitive pricing.



To maximize the benefit of using drones for spraying, MINORI 1 was designed for 4L liquid tank, coverage of 0.5ha, flight time of 10 min.
Common drones in this field uses carbon fiber for its main frame, however, MINORI 1 is designed with aluminum frame to enhance tolerance against dissolution. The water proof drone is light and sizable to be easily carried onboard a mini-van or a truck.



Target application is pesticides spraying upon release, and ACSL will continue to develop nozzles and diffusers to receive certificates from the Ministry of Agriculture. The drone will further be upgraded to reflect the latest technologies developed for the platform ACSL-PF1.