ACSL strengthens LTE connectivity for logistics drones, Navicom Aviation and Elsight Provide the Solution

  • ACSL has decided to introduce the “Halo” communications module provided by Navicom Aviation and Elsight for logistics drones.
  • “Halo” will strengthen LTE communications, which is a major issue in mountainous and hilly areas, and promote the social implementation of drone logistics in the logistics field, where long-distance flights beyond visual line of sight are prerequisite.

ACSL Ltd. (Head Office: Edogawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Satoshi Washiya; hereinafter “ACSL”) has decided to introduce the “Halo” communications module provided by Navicom Aviation Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Koji Hiratsuka; hereinafter “Navicom Aviation”) and Israel’s Elsight Ltd. (Head Office: Or-Yehuda Israel; CEO: Yoav Amitai; hereinafter “Elsight”) to drones dedicated to logistics.
“Halo” is a patented platform designed specifically for drone flights beyond visual line of sight, capable of integrating LTE, 5G, and satellite communications. As a solution that improves the reliability of the C2 Link*1 connection, which is essential for safe flight, Halo is already being adopted in the latest drone products in Europe, the United States, Australia, and other regions.

In Japan, the systems for the real-world application of drones are advancing with the authorization of Level 4 Flights*2 in December 2022 and the introduction of Level 3.5 Flights*3 in December 2023. However, in areas where there is a high demand for drones in the logistics sector, such as mountainous and remote islands, the stability of LTE communication connections, which are necessary for long-distance flights beyond visual line of sight, has been an issue.

With the introduction of “Halo”, ACSL will be able to significantly improve LTE communication connectivity and, by making LTE communications from multiple telecommunications companies redundant, enable flights in areas that were previously difficult to reach with a single LTE communication. Along with providing drones dedicated to logistics, ACSL will further promote the social implementation of drones in the logistics field.

*1 C2 Link
An abbreviation for “Command and Control Link,” which is used to remotely operate and control drones.
*2 Level 4
“Unassisted beyond visual line of sight flight in populated areas”
*3 Level 3.5
A flight method that uses digital technology to eliminate the access control measures (placement of assistants and signs) required for the conventional Level 3 (“flying beyond visual line of sight without an assistant in uninhabited areas”), and allows for conditional flying over roads, railways, etc.

Comment from Satoshi Washiya, CEO of ACSL
 As a leading company of domestic drones, ACSL has been promoting the expansion of drone use in Japan in various fields, including Level 3 flight 3 in 2018 and obtaining the first type certification and achieving Level 4 flight in March 2023. We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with a partner with innovative technology to ensure the stability of the communication environment, which is one of the most important issues in the logistics field, which we are focusing in Japan. Elsight’s products have a track record of being adopted in logistics drones in various countries, and we believe that by improving the quality of our logistics drones, we can expand the areas where drones can be used and contribute to promoting the social implementation of drones in the logistics field in Japan.

Comment from Koji Hiratsuka, President and CEO of Navicom Aviation
 Navicom Aviation has provided equipment that supports the safe and efficient operation of manned aircraft for disaster response and security operations. Today, as the capabilities of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles have improved and their implementation in society has become possible, we believe that it is our mission to address and provide solutions to one of the challenges of communication and that is communication. Together with ACSL and Elsight, we will take on challenges and strive to create a prosperous future by expanding drone operations.

Comment from Yoav Amitai, CEO of Elsight
 Elsight is very excited about working with ACSL and our partner, Navicom Aviation, as this opens another promising market for drones and other autonomous systems to gain beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) capabilities with our Halo solution. Our Halo is suitable for all applications in the various vertical markets and integrates seamlessly with most unmanned aerial vehicle models used commercially. The significant improvements and cost savings are the true drivers of this industry, while the Elsight Halo is the enabler, by making non-line of sight missions possible.

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